The Practice of Deeper Conversations: Masterclass Series 

Join me, Aileen Gibb, MMC, on this masterclass series designed as an inspiring practice space for graduates of DC week. By devoting yourself to this series as a form of conversation practice you will: 

*Find yourself with fellow conversationalists on a regular schedule of practice and learning which will enhance your conversations daily.

*Have the opportunity to play the roles of coach, client and observer, throughout the series.

*Gain deeper insight into your own preferences as a coach, leader and conversationalist.

*Explore the links between conversation mastery and leadership through real-life practice on participants' daily context: and you'll get coached on your own goals or challenges.

* Align your learning and conversation skills with the world-leading masteries as stewarded by the International Association of Coaching, preparing you for recognition under the IAC certification process, if you so choose. 

What: Virtual Master Class Series - 12 classes. 

When: Every second Tuesday 9.00am to 10.30am MST (4.00pm to 5.30pm GMT). Commencing 24th April 2018 thru 25th September 2018. 

Where: Online Zoom Meeting Room (I'll send link). Participants are requested to attend majority of sessions and all sessions will be recorded and made available on a confidential basis to participants only.

Why: To create seismic conversation shifts in leadership and life through the practice of Deeper Conversations (and to prepare you for IAC recognition if you so choose). 

How Much: $3,169.00 CAD plus GST payable upon registration.

Class Size: 10 participants - space is limited. 

"To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations." - Judith E. Glaser, Conversational Intelligence 

Deeper Conversations: self-mastery, the art of questions, deeper listening, coaching and leadership, relationships. This masterclass series will bridge from your DC week learning to the IAC Masteries through real-life practice, combining skills development with further understanding of the principles, theories and concepts from which great conversations emerge. Here's what we'll cover: 

Class One - 24 April The Set Up

Preparing to Coach - Introducing the Conversation - Establishing Trust - Setting Agreements - Connecting with Client - Hearing Client Needs - Showing up neutral - Pitfalls to avoid - Going Slow to go Fast - Serving vs Pleasing or Rescuing 

Class Two - 8 May Goals and Focus

Establishing and Landing Real Goals - Alternatives to Goals - Visioning Success - Solutions Focus - Pitfalls to Avoid - Summarising Goals and Needs 

Class Three - 22 May Current Reality

Getting Real - Keeping it Short - The 0-10 Question - Staying out of the Story - Interrupting Effectively - Identifying Process versus Content - Pitfalls to Avoid 

Class Four- 5 June Opportunities 

The neuroscience of positive language - Ladder of Consciousness - Open Questions - And What Else - What to do when client can't see options - Connecting to Goal - Processing in the Present - What about the other options not worked on today - Pitfalls to Avoid - Handing Back to the Client

Class Five - 19 June Obstacles 

Identifying what's really getting in the way - Listening for what the client believes to be true - Busting Limiting beliefs and language - How to move on from Limitations - How to know when real obstacle is found - Processing Obstacles in the moment - Pitfalls to Avoid  

 Class Six - 3rd July The Way Forward 

Will as Choice - The Language of Action - Affirming Real Commitment - Connecting back to Goal - Trusting Client's choice (leader or parent vs indepent coach) - Ensuring true will to take next step - Identifying what, if any, support is needed. 

Class Seven - 17 July When it's Over 

When the conversation is over quickly - Staying Neutral and in Trust - Role Modelling Request for Feedback - The Value Question - Releasing to the Client - Empowering Client to continue with the coaching if needed - Pitfalls to Avoid 

Class Eight - 31 July Mastery Practice  

We continue with Mastery Practice - all participants get chance to coach in breakout rooms - we will pick up/refresh key learning points as they arise - IAC Masteries #1 and #2 - Trust and Potential

 Class Nine - 14 August Mastery Practice

We continue with Mastery Practice - with all participants getting chance to practice in breakout rooms - we will pick up/refresh key learning points as they arise - IAC Masteries #3 and # 4 - Listening and Processing in Present 

Class Ten - 28 August Mastery Practice

We continue with Mastery Practice - with all participants getting chance to coach in breakout rooms - we will pick up/refresh key learning points as they arise. IAC Masteries #5, #6, #7 -Expressing, Clarifying our Language and Setting Intentions

Class Eleven - 11 Sept Mastery Practice 

Our last Mastery Practice and Focus on IAC Masteries # 8 and #9 Possibilities and Support Structures Last chance to revisit any key learning points and questions

Class Twelve - 25 Sept Review and Closing 

Next Steps and path to IAC recognition as appropriate - Submission of Recordings - Ongoing Mentoring

Each Masterclass with be 1.5 hours in length and will be conducted on-line using Zoom or another conference option that suits our needs. On each call one person will be scheduled to be coach, one person will be client and all other participants will listen in as Observer, listening for and highlighting learning points and elements of mastery as they occur in the conversation. On some calls everyone will have the opportunity to work in coaching pairs. Each call will open with a focus on key learning elements and will close with a review of key learning points and commitments to practice after the class.. Conference options may or may not incur telephone charges depending on how you dial in. We will record all classes so that participants may listen to them again and/or may use them for certification purposes where appropriate. All recordings are confidential amongst Masterclass participants and may not be shared outside the registered group, in line with the coaching code of ethics adhered to by the International Association of Coaching.


By participating in this Masterclass Series you agree to:

*Hold all conversations confidential between yourself and other participants. You will have access to recordings of each class and you agree to share these only with class participants and/or with the IAC for certification purposes (with express permission from class participants where appropriate).

*Devote yourself to these classes every two weeks as a priority practice space. We understand that there will occasionally be emergency situations which preclude your attendance. Please call off only if you genuinely have no other option. We are a small group and success depends on having enough people to create meaninful practice. 

*Download the Zoom Online Meetings App (or such other option as we may decide is more suited to our class format and approach) and to familiarise yourself with it's use (its really easy). To participate in an on-line group forum using Slack or such other option as we may find useful. In this space we will share learning reviews, questions and hold online conversations as we learn together.

*Be willing to take your turn as coach, client or observer when called upon for each class. We will as far as possible aim to have a schedule of when you will play each role, although this may change at short notice. 

*Be willing to be coached on your own real-life, meaningful issues, goals or challenges so that we, as a group, work with real 'client' situations from which we can fully learn and appreciate the power and value of this approach.

*Masterclass series runs subject to enough registrations - we need a minimum number of people to create the live coaching practices. (It's a great way to get your own coaching)

A few words about The International Association of Coaching  

The International Association of Coaching® is a coaching association with a difference. It stands out against the myriad of other coaching organisations around the world. Part of what makes the IAC® different from other coaching organizations is the way we assess coaching mastery, and our belief that attending coach training or graduating from any specific program is not sufficient evidence that a coach can, in fact, coach. The IAC® endorses the truth that becoming a coach is a transformative process, therefore it is only right that we honor prior training, education and life experience, and measure mastery via demonstration of skill.  

The IAC® certification process is an ambitious and thorough one. One that evaluates the demonstration of specific Coaching Masteries® that are the hallmark of the most effective and distinguished coaches.  

AboutThat is why companies and clients know when they hire an IAC Certified Masteries Coach® or Master Masteries Coach®, the coach has been rigorously challenged and has proven themselves at a stellar level. This tells the client they can have confidence they are hiring coaches of the highest caliber, with a valid measure of assurance they will receive quality coaching.  

The IAC® is an independent, global professional association of coaches dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of coaching mastery in order to effectively support clients toward achieving their goals – wherever the client may be on their personal or professional path. this area

Please note you will incur additional fees to join the IAC, to gain IAC certification, for review of your recordings prior to submission for certification. 


"The purpose of talking together differently, is to live together differently". (Krista Tippett, On Being).